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Liugong electric loader charging project

Date :2022-02-23 Hits:20
Location: China, Indonesia?
Products: 240kW and 300kW HPC

Liugong Group launched all-electric loaders in 2020. SSE works with Liugong to eletrify its full range of electric contruction machinery, like electric loaders, excavators, mining trucks, etc. SSE’s 240kW and 300kW high-power fast chargers powered the loaders in many special operating environments such as Anhui coal mines and Sichuan-Tibet railway tunnels, and were also exported to Indonesia. One loader can be fully charged in only 48 minutes with the 300kW model and run for 10 hours. The high protection of the chargers can cope with various harsh working conditions such as plateau, high cold and high heat.

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