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Committed to Safe & Efficient Power
We’re here to enable global customers enjoy safe, clean, efficient green power
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About SSE
SSE has always been committed to efficient and safe power since 1997, building an ecological synergy system of multi-energy complementary system, smart power system and energy internet. Our core businesses are: EV charging and power system, power quality optimization, energy storage and hybrid system solution.
Based in Xiangyang, Hubei, the middle of China, SSE established branches in Shanghai and Shenzhen, set up nearly 40 offices across the country. In 2015, SSE invested over 500 million yuan to build a modern industrial park, with an cutting-edge R&D center, assembly line and product development & testing platform.
As a leading supplier in the power and energy industry, SSE has been actively developing the international market and setting up a global service network in over 40 countries and regions. With its experience and expertise, SSE aims to provide global customers with a safe, clean and efficient future of energy.
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